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Ice Skating and Winter Fun Events at Kimball Cabins

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Update for 2021:

For the past 3 years, the Recreation Department enjoyed hosting "Winter Fun" events at the Cabins.  We encouraged community gatherings in the beautiful Cabin setting and promoted the outdoor recreational opportunities there.  This year, we still wish to promote outdoor recreation at the Cabins, but will hold off on the organized events given the current Covid situation.  Please continue to enjoy snowshoeing and cross country skiing on the Greenway Trail, ice skating, hockey, broomball or ice fishing on the lake when conditions are safe.  We have placed a rack of ice skates on the cabin porch for residents to borrow while at Kimball Cabins and we will do our best to clear the ice as often as possible with the help of volunteers. 

Some information about ice skating at Kimball Lake:

- The Town does not monitor the ice depth.  All who go out on the ice do so at their own risk.

- If you wish to help with ice clearing, there are shovels on site. If you start clearing a rink, please complete it.  Piles of snow left on the skating surface will refreeze and shrink the size of the rink for the season.  Keeping a nice surface can be difficult each season and we thank you for your help to keep a nice, large skating area for as long as we can throughout winter!

- Ice fishing on the lake is welcome.  Please choose an area outside of the skating area. The skating area is the area closest to the main cabin and boat ramp that extends out toward the realtor's office and restaurant.

- The ice should be cleared of all items (hockey nets, chairs, shovels, etc.) each night.  The pond surface is continually thawing and refreezing with the changing temperatures and these items will become stuck in place if not removed each night. 

-Please stay off the ice if it is slushy.  If you walk on the ice when it is slushy, it will refreeze with your footprints and make the surface unsuitable for skating.  This is nearly impossible to fix for the season.

- The light pole on the entrance road is a manual light.  The last one out for the night should shut it off!

-Helmets are always a good idea!

-Have fun!

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